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Resource Opportunities by Lawrence Roulston

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Gold Newsletter by Brien Lundin

"Yours is the ONLY financial newsletter that has EVER made any money for me - lots of it!" GS, Nome

J. Taylor's Gold, Energy & Tech Stocks

"Just a short note as I know you are very busy. I have been retired now, in Kelowna, British Columbia for just over a year, in part thanks to the advice I have received from your newsletter." -G.B., British Columbia

Hard Rock Analyst Journal by David & Eric Coffin

"I cannot imagine a resource stock investor making a serious decision without first consulting The HRA Journal" - JM BC, CAN

The Morgan Report by David Morgan

"I'm thrilled to report that since I've been reading Silver Investor, my portfolio has nearly doubled in value. It was the easiest money I've ever made, and the best part is we're just getting warmed up...In the years ahead, I think history will show that The Silver Investor Newsletter is one of the best values in the investment world today. Bravo."- K.H.

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