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Brien Lundin Brien Lundin is a noted investment expert and editor of Gold Newsletter. This newsletter continues to provide its readers with timely and profitable analysis of the precious metals and mining share markets and the economic and geopolitical issues that impact them.

Under Mr. Lundin's leadership, the publication has cemented its reputation as the most profitable newsletter in this sector. Drawing on two decades of experience in the industry and an unmatched rolodex, he has consistently steered Gold Newsletter readers into the biggest winners. The newsletter stands as the oldest and most respected precious metals and mining stock advisory in the world.

"Yours is the ONLY financial newsletter that has EVER made any money for me - lots of it" - GS, Nome

"I read a lot. Compared to the other publications I subscribe to, Gold Newsletter is top drawer - very professional." - JH, Pensacola

Here are just a few of the amazing results his recent picks have produced.

IMA EXPLORATION - 261% Gain. Most mining stock investors have now realized that this company has discovered on one of the world's largest silver deposits. But Gold Newsletter subscribers learned about it well before the first drill results came in...and watched their early investments nearly TRIPLE as a result!

BEAR CREEK MINING - 680% Profit. This company has been one of the sector's biggest winners in 2005. And yet, months before its major silver find in Peru captured the imagination of the analyst community, Gold Newsletter readers had already been alerted to its remarkable potential.

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