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Lawrence Roulston Lawrence Roulston, editor of Resource Opportunities, is a geologist, with engineering and business training, and more than 20 years of hands-on experience in the resource industry. Lawrence is ideally suited to publish Resource Opportunities. After completing his studies at the University of British Columbia in 1975, Mr. Roulston worked as an analyst for Cominco Ltd. and for a mid-sized Calgary oil group for several years.

From 1994 to 1997, he was CEO and director of a mineral exploration company. Since then, he has been a resource industry consultant and independent mining analyst. Lawrence conducts frequent property visits as part of his due diligence and has toured mining and exploration projects in many parts of the world. Lawrence is frequently quoted and interviewed in the media, including national television. He has spoken at mining and investment conferences around the world. Mr. Roulston's years of hands-on experience and extensive personal contacts in the industry provide unique insights that have generated an impressive track record for Resource Opportunities.

"The reason why I'm retiring is because you have made me so much money." - H.G., British Columbia

"Thanks again for your help. You are a straight shooter and by far the best gold stock analyst around." - M.S., New York

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